Find Out Effective Basketball Betting Strategies In 2024

Vietnamese players love football betting – the king sport that brings many dramatic moments, however there is another very famous sport in the world that many Vietnamese people have not paid attention to, which is basketball – a sport that is growing rapidly and strongly in Vietnam. When the football betting market is so large and competitive, switching to basketball betting is a wise and wise choice. In the article below, our experts will guide you on how to increase your chances of winning when you start basketball betting.

General introduction to basketball

General introduction to basketball
General introduction to basketball

Like any other sport, to win when basketball betting, the most basic thing you must know and understand is the basic rules and conditions of basketball rules. Understanding the concepts and rules of the game will help you make sharper decisions.

Basketball rules:

A basketball match will have 2 teams competing, each team has 5 members. To win, players must throw the ball into their opponent’s basket as many times as possible. Besides, the players must also know how to prevent the opponent from throwing the ball into their team’s basket.

Each match will last 40 minutes, divided into 4 halves of 10 minutes each. The longest break between the 2nd and 3rd halves is 15 minutes. The rest time between rounds is only 2 minutes.

If after 4 rounds of play the 2 teams are tied, 1 or more extra rounds lasting 5 minutes will be played to determine the winner or loser.

In basketball competitions, the home team has the right to choose the basket and bench. In the third quarter, the two teams will exchange baskets (change sides of the field).

Instructions on how to place basketball bets

Instructions on how to place basketball bets
Instructions on how to place basketball bets

Basketball bets are similar to other sports betting. Therefore, if you are an experienced player, the possibility of winning when basketball betting is very high. And if you are a new player, don’t worry. Our experts have summarized the things to keep in mind when choosing a bet as follows:

Winning Point Difference Bet

Also known as Speard Betting, this is a very popular bet. Actually, this is a form of handicap betting, you just need to pay attention to the total number of points scored in a match. You will have to place your bet before the match starts.

For example: At the Vietnam basketball championship, the Saigon Heat team was -5.5 with the Thanglong Warriors team +5.5

Looking at the example above, you will see that if you bet on the Lakers to win the bet, they must have more than 5.5 points, in other words, you only win when Saigon wins Thanglong by 6 points or more. If you bet on Thanglong to win the bet, they must win completely or lose by a maximum of 5 points.

Money line betting

Also known as money line betting, this is the most basic bet in basketball betting. You just need to predict the team you think will win. This bet uses units of 1, 10 or 100 as the basis for profit calculation. Negative money lines represent odds for the favorite team and you have to bet 1 million to win the amount offered by the bookmaker. On the contrary, a positive money line gives you a chance to win a larger amount of money if you bet 1 million (or 100k, 10k,…), but it also means that that team is a team that is rated weaker.

Teaser bets

Also known as teaser bets, are a special type of parlay bet, in which players are allowed to add or subtract points to selected teams to increase their chances of winning the bet. It also means that the house will reduce the winning rate compared to the main handicap. Players can bet on teams and bet on total points. A teaser bet allows players to choose a minimum bet for 2 teams, up to 15 teams.

Parlay bets

Also known as Parlays bets, are the easiest bets to get rich. However, it is also the most difficult bet to win. To bet on this bet, players can cross 2, 3, 4 or even 15 matches together to bet. The winning amount is a huge number, but you also need to note that just one losing bet will mean you lose the whole game.

How are the odds created?

How are the odds created?
How are the odds created?

Surely you have ever wondered how the best bookmakers in Vietnam create odds? On what basis do they come up with such numbers? The following is one of the bases on which bookmakers create odds.

  • Strength Ranking: The Strength Ranking is a list of multiple teams, rated from 1 to 30 based on the overall strength of the team. This ranking will illustrate how these teams compare against other teams. weaker.
  • Home team advantage: In basketball tournaments, especially the NBA, the home team will usually have an advantage of 3 points. This means that if two teams that are considered to be in the same category compete against each other, the home team is often favored with an additional 3 points. This is quite understandable because when you play in your home country, you will feel comfortable and relieved. more comfortable, the cheers of the audience are also stronger and the referees often favor the home team more.
  • Mental factors before the match: Important factors to consider when accepting a match are the:
    • tired: for example the team had to travel a long way;
    • motivation: a team needs to win more than the opposing team;
    • style: do the players band together to take on the opposing team;

Based on the above factors, the house will offer basketball betting odds for players to choose from. Usually these basketball betting odds will favor the house, which is also how the house makes money.

Things to note when basketball betting

Basketball betting is a very stimulating and interesting game, you win quickly and your chances of winning are very clear. However, to increase your chances of winning, you also need to have the following strategies, experience and notes:

  • Understand the competition history, form, and schedule of the team you want to bet on.
  • Pay attention to matches between legendary opponents.
  • Remember that geographical factors and competition locations greatly affect the performance of the players. Teams playing at home often have a higher chance of winning than their opponents.
  • Check the injury reports of the players before you decide to bet to avoid basketball betting when your players are not in good form.
  • Research the coach’s style and trends.
  • Research scoring factors and the speed and performance of players.
  • Do your research and read some basketball betting tips and predictions, they can sometimes provide useful information.
  • Monitor match results to promptly adjust odds.

In addition, not just basketball betting, when you bet on any sport, always bet with your mind, not your emotions, don’t blindly believe in your favorite team. Don’t be too greedy, if you feel uncertain, it’s better to eat early than lose everything. Stay calm, don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, don’t bet on friendly matches and always research clearly the dynamics of the team you’re basketball betting on. Finally, don’t be swayed by the crowd. If you have analyzed it carefully, trust your judgment. The majority may not be right.


Hopefully the sharing from our experts can help you increase your chances of winning as well as help you on your path to becoming a professional basketball betting. If you have chosen to play sports betting, please continue to follow 188jili to update your knowledge as well as the most important and latest information about the sports betting market. Good luck.

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